EGOT winner Rita Moreno reflects on her decades long career in new documentary

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES -- Rita Moreno is one of the most celebrated actresses of her time. At 89, her life and career is now the subject of an eye-opening documentary called "Rita Moreno, Just a Girl Who Decided to Go for it."

Nothing here is off limits. The Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony winning actress could win another honor here: for her honesty. She says audiences of this critically-acclaimed documentary are responding well to her being absolutely matter-of-fact.

"This much I knew: that when I was invited to do this documentary, I did make a promise to myself that I would be as truthful as I could possibly be. And that is what I did," said Moreno. "I can hear people say, 'Oh for God's sake, did you know that?' But I love that. That's why I did that. I wanted them to know it's more than awards. Boy, I've got awards coming out of my behind, you know that. And that's not really what I'm about."

Once upon a the title says...she was just a girl who decided to go for it. And she's never stopped.

"Yeah. That never changes. Of course you go for it. Listen, let me tell you something. I'm still suffering from ageism in the movies. Can I please get a part where I'm not just playing a grandmother? Please?" asked Moreno. "There is ageism in the movies. And it's always when you look like this, you have to be playing a grandma. No you don't!"

"Rita Moreno: Just A Girl Who Decided to Go for It" is in theaters now.
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