All-star team of veteran actresses lead story of aging, friendship in new movie 'Queen Bees'

The cast of "Queen Bees" has an ensemble cast of A-list actresses: Ellen Burstyn, Ann-Margret, Loretta Devine, Jane Curtin. It's a romantic comedy about friendship and love.

"I think we've all had a really hard year, a little over a year, and I think going to the theater again and seeing a romantic comedy and having fun is a wonderful blessing at this point for all of us," said Burstyn.

In "Queen Bees," Burstyn plays a woman who moves into a retirement village while her home is being repaired due to a fire. At first, she is not impressed by some of the women. But eventually, the tables turn and friendships develop.

"It gives you a warm feeling inside, I think. And it brings--I think it's going to bring the millenniums and the old people together a little bit because people, if they go with their grandparents or if they go with their parents, they're going to really be able to laugh together and talk about aging a little big together," said Devine.

The movie makes you think about the golden years, maybe with a new romance, but definitely with friendship.

"You got it! You got the whole thing. That's what the movie is about. I'm so glad you got it," said Ann-Margret.

"Queen Bees" is in theaters now.

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