Best places in SoCal to up your Instagram foodie game

Sunday, February 17, 2019
626 Night Market in OC is Instagram-worthy
Eye on L.A.'s Tina Malave went in search of L.A.'s most Instagrammable food and drinks.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- These days, it seems everyone loves to take pictures of their food, especially if that food is beautiful and unique! So, Eye on L.A.'s Tina Malave went in search of L.A.'s most Instagrammable food and drinks.

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626 Night Market/OC Night Market

Featuring over 200 unique food and drink choices, the 626 Night Market at the Santa Anita Racetrack and its sister food festival, the OC Night Market at the OC Fair and Event Center, have become L.A. must-dos. The events' foods are based on Asian night markets, so most of the food options are Asian-influenced or fusion foods. With so many choices, these night markets are an Instagrammer's dream.

Sweet Cup

Looking for a new way to eat ice cream? Head to Sweet Cup in Garden Grove to try their totally Instagrammable ice cream tacos! Offering hand-rolled ice cream tacos, coffee and tea, this is a must-stop shop for your sweet tooth. They have a variety of flavors such as Monsters Inc, an Oreos and chocolate chip cookie ice cream served on a blue taco shaped waffle cone as well as rainbow road, a fruity pebble ice cream topped with rainbow sour bell candy and served on a pink waffle cone, plus many more. Watch the mesmerizing process of it being made right before your eyes and don't forget to snap a photo!

Enjoy colorful, picture-perfect ice cream tacos from Sweet Cup in Garden Grove.

Little Damage

Known for its gothic black ice cream cones, Little Damage in downtown L.A. draws crowds of would-be Instagrammers. Their signature black cones are naturally colored with activated charcoal, then hand-rolled. They also offer many visual spots to strike a pose with your sweet treat. Our tip: Try the unicorn tears.

Little Damage in downtown LA gives you a place to snap your "cool" ice cream treat.


On the edge of the Arts District in DTLA, Pizzanista! is cooking up some delicious-- and beautiful-- pizzas. The daily offerings vary, but you can be sure to find amazing concoctions like macaroni and cheese pizza or a traditional pepperoni pie. The true gem of Pizzanista! has to be their berry pizza, which is found on their brunch menu. It's covered in ricotta cheese, instead of sauce, it's topped with blackberries, blueberries, fresh strawberries and drizzled with honey marmalade. You've got to try this!

DTLA's Pizzanista! offers colorful and unique pizzas that all your Instagram followers would love to see.

Barton G

You could say the kitchen at Barton G Los Angeles is a virtual laboratory for Instagrammable creations! The founder of the restaurant, Barton G. Weiss, is a mad genius who gets his inspiration from everything around him. The food presentations are not only over-the-top, but the cuisine is world-class fare. If you're interested in one of the classics, check out Marie Antoinette, a large cotton candy-wigged model that's as sweet as she is stylish.

Barton G in LA serves up wild artistic creations for your tummy and your IG fans.

Dirt Dog

In downtown L.A., bacon-wrapped hot dogs have reached Insta-fame. These dirty dogs come stacked with everything from french fries and melted cheese to elote, consisting of buttered corn, cotija cheese and chili powder. All the hot dogs are cooked right in front of you, so you will have plenty of opportunities to snap some pics of these next-level street food dishes.

Dirt Dog in downtown L.A. will make your mouth water in person and online.

Chomp Eatery-Unicorn Melt

Mixing melted cheese with unicorn magic, what could be better? At Chomp Eatery in Santa Monica, the phones are constantly snapping the "unicorn melt." This sandwich is definitely Instagram-worthy, with each bite revealing an explosion of color. It's made with four different types of cheese in four different colors, all served on sourdough bread and grilled to perfection. You can make your own rainbow by pulling the two slices apart and watching as the colorful cheese spills out.

Chomp Eatery's unicorn melt in Santa Monica spills out color and tastes good, too!

The Butcher, the Baker, the Cappuccino Maker Cafe

The Butcher, the Baker, the Cappuccino Maker Cafe is serious about coffee. Starting off with in-house roasted coffee, their steamed milk art is taking the incredible java to the next level. These cappuccino artists can create everything from stunning, colorful flowers to Marilyn Monroe, and even 3-D bears from the froth. Check it out.

See art in a whole new way with these tasty coffee treats from The Butcher, the Baker, the Cappuccino Maker Café.

Bia Coffee

Whether you prefer a hot latte or a cold brew, Bia Coffee in Koreatown is another must-do for any foodie or coffee lover. Using unique ingredients such as rose, lavender and vanilla bean, they create delicious, natural, handmade syrups. Try the Bia Rose Latte, a semi pink colored drink served with a rose petal, and you'll understand why these drinks are so Instagrammable.

Bia coffee offers a splash of natural flavors along with hints of flowers to share with everyone on your feed.

Corner Joint

At the Corner Joint in Lawndale, you'll encounter Michelada-madness. Colorful beer cocktails filled to the brim with sliders and shrimp make for a memorable drinking-- and dining-- experience. These drinks are perfect for the 'Gram and truly unlike anything you may have had before. They also serve pizza, pasta, salad and wings, so there is something for everyone.

SoCal's Corner Joint offers plates and drinks that may just make you go viral.

The Chocolate Chair

Here's something you don't hear that often-- ever wanted to have dragon's breath? Well, Chocolate Chair's specialty is making that a reality with their nitrogen infused cereal snacks that will have you smokin'! The long lines of customers show it absolutely makes for a "cool" pic on social media.

The Chocolate Chair in Koreatown is an Instagrammable favorite that is positively smoking.

Smorgasburg L.A.

The Sunday food festival in DTLA is guaranteed to fill your Instagram feed with fun! From gorgeous acai-filled coconuts at Amazebowls, to the strange, gelatinous phenomenon of the popular Rain Drop Cake, Smorgasburg is well worth a long Sunday afternoon stroll!

At Smorgasburg L.A., everywhere you turn there's an Instagram opportunity.

Blue Star Donuts

Angelenos are loving Venice's colorful Blue Star Donuts where each donut is picture-worthy in its own right. The Matcha donut is a fan favorite with a gooey green center as well as the Cointreau Crme Brulee served with a pipette of Cointreau in the middle. Blue Star stresses its motto of quality over quantity, and the whole process of making their donuts takes over 18 hours from beginning to end. Go see their beautiful handmade creations for yourself!

Doughnut fans of all ages are flocking to what could be the gold standard of Instagrammable doughnuts.

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