Face masks: Not everyone is wearing them as required in Los Angeles

Shoppers and employees in Los Angeles must wear face coverings while at the business, but not everyone is following the new order.
SHERMAN OAKS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- It's no longer optional in Los Angeles. Shoppers and employees at still-open businesses like grocery stores must wear face coverings.

Most people have been following the new rules, aimed to help contain the spread of coronavirus.

But there are still a few who aren't.

Ryan Jordan, who works as a physician assistant, was upset by what she saw when she went to a checkout line at a local supermarket. While everyone she saw shopping was wearing a mask, some weren't when they were in the checkout line.

"There were four men in front of me. One was wearing a bandanna across his face and the other three weren't wearing any kind of mask or any kind of protective gear at all," she said.

Concerned that the order wasn't being enforced, Jordan said she went to speak to a manager.

"She kind of just looked at me like, not much I can do about it," she said.

She was eventually told by the general manager that her concerns would be passed along to the corporate office.

Jordan says store employees need to be protected.

"It's just not about the general public. These people are working on the front lines. They're having to take care of all of us who are in there shopping. They don't get to stay home."

The city of LA's order requiring workers and customers to wear masks went into effect on Friday.

"Face coverings will be mandatory whenever you go to shop or work at a restaurant, store, market, hotel, laundromat or pharmacy that is open," Mayor Eric Garcetti said.

Those who violate the order can be charged with a misdemeanor, risking fines or possibly even jail time.
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