Nonprofit organization provides aid to Haitian people amid quake, weather catastrophes

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Friday, August 20, 2021
Nonprofit reaching out to help people of Haiti
"No one is really ever prepared for this type of disaster." Nonprofit group Fonkoze rallies support for the people of Haiti after massive earthquake, tropical storm devastate the island.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The toll is still being tallied after the recent devastating earthquake in Haiti. Thousands are dead and many more are injured.

Los Angeles based Maggie Latham is with Fonkoze, a nonprofit that provides aid to the Haitian people.

"You have broken bones, injured clients, we need serum, we need tents, all sorts of things, and it's huge. It's massive," said Latham.

Haiti is not just dealing with a massive quake, but flooding too from recent rains.

"No one is really ever prepared for this type of disaster," said Latham.

The organization is asking for financial donations. While they appreciate any help, Executive Director Mable Val Divia is discouraging people sending packaged goods simply because of the logistics issues.

"Shipping things to Haiti, and any country, during an emergency can be difficult, and sometimes getting them to the intended locations can be doubly difficult," said Val Divia.

The agency plans to purchase supplies locally and rush them to where they are needed most; and that need is great, and spread out over a wide swath of the island.

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