Food truck service brings family-owned restaurants to your community

Supporting your favorite restaurant just got easier with the help of On The Go LA.

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Thursday, June 18, 2020
Food truck service helps restaurants stay afloat
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On The Go LA is helping family-owned restaurants stay afloat amid the coronavirus by connecting them with food trucks and other resources to make their food more accessible.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- On The Go LA began three months ago, in order to support small, family-owned businesses and make their food more accessible to customers.

In the wake of restaurant closures amid the coronavirus, the food truck service provides an easy, low-cost way for restaurants to rent a truck and serve their food to multiple communities around Los Angeles. In addition, On The Go LA provides local restaurants with marketing assets and efficient truck routes.

"I believe the roaming element is something that people haven't really taken advantage of," said Enrique Loyola, CFO and co-founder of On The Go LA. "Considering the situation with the pandemic, there's always fear of having multiple groups of people within a certain location."

The food trucks allow the restaurants to have exposure in other neighborhoods, where people may not have heard of their businesses.

"It just gives us an opportunity to somewhat stay afloat, keep on meeting new people, letting more people know that we're out there, so it just helps us significantly, especially because we're a small business," said Tirsa Farah, owner of Tirsa's Mexican Cafe.

According to Gabriel Gamez, CEO and co-founder of On The Go LA, they follow the "ice cream truck model," where customers can simply wave down the food truck if they see it drive by.

"I think it's awesome because it's like a childhood dream--chasing an ice cream truck. But instead it's with tacos," said customer Amber Robles.

Customers like the convenience of having the food trucks come to their communities, so they can easily and safely support more small businesses.

If you are a local restaurant, food truck owner or just want to learn more about On The Go LA, visit their website.