Belgian town breaks 10,000 eggs to create giant omelette

MALMEDY, BELGIUM (KABC) -- You can't make a giant omelette without breaking thousands of eggs, right?

Well of course you can't make that omelette without a super-sized skillet either.

Although this does look more like a scramble than an omelette here.

This was in the small Belgian town of Malmedy.

They were determined to hold the annual festival, health scare or not, here.

Ten thousand hens' eggs were used for this traditional event in the town near the German border, despite a scandal that is sweeping Europe involving eggs tainted with insecticide.

Belgium and the Netherlands are at the center of the crisis right now that has so far seen tainted eggs found in 15 EU countries, Switzerland and Hong Kong, with millions of eggs removed from supermarket shelves.

The annual giant omelette festival has been going on for more than 20 years now and locals and tourists alike lined up to sample the egg-cellent omelette.
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