Sprinkles Cupcakes reopens Glendale store after video surfaces of rat in display case

GLENDALE, Calif. (KABC) -- A rat was spotted inside a Sprinkles Cupcakes store in Glendale, which led to a Public Health investigation and a brief closure of the location.

In video posted on YouTube over the weekend, you can see the rat scurrying around inside a cupcake display case.

Sprinkles said it temporarily shut down the store after it found out about the problem, but it left some customers with a lot of questions.

"It's kind of scary. You kind of think about what is going in your food, how did they process it, why is it being left there for a rat to walk in?" asked local shopper Anna Karen.

The company issued a statement that said in part: "We deeply regret that an unfortunate set of circumstances, including a structural malfunction, led to this incident."

The company later stated on Monday the situation was "fully addressed" and the store has since been reopened. It added that in its 12-year history, it has always maintained a consistent grade A Health Department score.

"We are confident the cleanliness of the restaurant exceeds standards and assure our guests this will never happen again," the company said in part.

Public Health officials said they are aware of the reports and are investigating.
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