Thrills, chills, kills, and comedy? Vince Vaughn's new movie 'Freaky' has it all!

The new horror-comedy is about a serial killer who unwittingly swaps bodies with a teenager girl.

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Saturday, November 14, 2020
'Freaky' is teen body swap, comedy slasher film
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The new movie "Freaky" combines a body swap comedy and a teen slasher horror film to provide scares and laughs.

HOLLYWOOD -- At the movies, fans expect to be scared on Friday the 13th. The new Vince Vaughn film, "Freaky," should do that for you. But this movie also aims to do something else: make you laugh!

"Freaky" is a horror-comedy about a serial killer who, because of an ancient mystical dagger, unwittingly swaps bodies with a teenage girl, played by Kathryn Newton. The two actors worked together on their roles to play the opposite sex.

"And then the fun of this, really, George, was having Kathryn, who came with great ideas. And so it was a unique process to have another actor to build out each character with," said Vaughn.

Newton says Vaughn was able to make people laugh anytime he wanted.

"Any point at any time! Honestly, all day long," said Newton. "If you were in the presence of Vince, he was going to be saying something that was going to make you laugh. It's really true."

"We had a good group. We had a lot of laughs on set, which makes it fun, especially when you're killing people! It's nice to take a break from that," said Vaughn.

And like any R-rated horror film, the kills are both creative and creepy!

"People want to be scared and that's why we go to watch horror movies but people also really want to laugh. And to have a film that, like, really, like, drives it forward at 1,000 miles per hour, I think, is really necessary for the world right now," said Mischa Oshervich.

"Freaky" is in theaters now.