17-year-old Fullerton girl dies from accidental fentanyl overdose, mother says

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Tuesday, October 11, 2022
Fullerton teen dies from accidental fentanyl overdose, mom says
Chrisa Cornejo is mourning the death of her 17-year-old daughter, Trinity. The Fullerton mother believes her daughter died from an accidental fentanyl overdose.

FULLERTON, Calif. (KABC) -- Chrisa Cornejo is mourning the death of her 17-year-old daughter, Trinity Cornejo.

Fullerton police have not confirmed with Eyewitness News that Trinity had a fentanyl overdose, and there is no autopsy report available yet. However, her mother believes fentanyl is behind her daughter's death.

"Police let me know that the initial speculation was accidental fentanyl overdose," Cornejo said.

The Fullerton teen went to Troy High School. She leaves behind her mother and 6-year-old sister, Paz.

Cornejo says Trinity had come home after a party with friends on Sept. 30 and was later found unresponsive by Trinity's aunt.

Cornejo says she believes this was her daughter's first time trying drugs. She says she hopes her daughter's death isn't in vain and others learn from this.

"I would send her your articles about these issues, and these deaths, and I thought she understood and I thought she would never take that risk, but teenagers are curious and dealing with a lot of pressure," Cornejo said.

Cornejo says she believes drug dealers are using social media to connect with teens. She has a message for parents.

"These dealers deliver substances of the teen's choice. They come in masks when they come in their cars," Cornejo said. "They either know what they're doing and don't want to get caught, or don't know what they're doing and don't care. Either way it's just drugs are no longer drugs. What you think you're getting is most likely laced with something else."

The Cornejo family has two GoFundMe pages for the family and for funeral expenses as they go through this tough time.

Cornejo remembers her daughter as "gracious, kind, a fierce protector of the underdog, a huge advocate for mental health awareness."

Cornejo says she hopes to have a tree planted in her daughter's honor near Lions Field in Fullerton where her daughter played softball. She says she's currently working with the city to see when that could happen.