This $400K Ford Bronco combines vintage feel with high-end tech

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Monday, September 4, 2023
This high-end Bronco combines vintage feel with top tech
Gateway is offering a pricey version of the Ford Bronco that combines vintage looks with top-tier technology.

CULVER CITY, Calif. (KABC) -- Ford has had pretty good success with one of its recent moves: bringing back the Bronco. Dealers can't keep them in stock, and the nostalgia factor is one of the reasons.

Some thought the iconic 4x4 returning as a brand new model might cool the interest in the classic Broncos from the '60s and '70s, but so far that isn't the case. Many people still want the old ones, sometimes paying six-figure prices for the nicest '66-77 examples.

Now, an ultimate blending of the classic Bronco shape, with all the technology available today. The Gateway LUXE-GT Bronco, a blend of old and new.

"That's what we've done here. We've given you both the historic background, as well as the modern times," said Seth Burgett, CEO of Gateway Bronco of St. Louis.

It may look like a nicely restored original Bronco, but literally everything is re-engineered and updated to a very high standard. From the frame to the engine to all the components. There are pretty much no vintage Bronco parts.

"All-wheel drive all the time. It has anti-lock brakes, the first in a vintage Bronco. It has electronic stability control, the first in a vintage Bronco," noted Burgett.

They let me take the first production LUXE-GT for a spin, and while I've driven the new Ford Bronco and vintage ones, this crafted SUV is like nothing else. Tight, powerful, and not a single squeak or rattle. And it doesn't just do well on the street. The test mule for this vehicle did lots of high-speed off-road runs during testing in the Australian Outback. Gateway likens the off-road performance to that of something like a Mercedes-Benz G-wagon or a Range Rover. And that's easy to believe.

And as you might imagine, a Gateway LUXE-GT Bronco does not come cheap.

"This is a way different level than the consumer-grade Bronco coming out from the local dealership. This is starting at $400,000," said Burgett.

Oh, Gateway does less expensive versions, but they're still well into six figures, starting at about $180,000.

If that's a bit too steep, Ford is now honoring its own past on the new Bronco with special Heritage Edition color schemes, harkening back to the '60s. The best of old and new, in a lesser way, for a whole lot less money - under $60,000 depending on options.

But Gateway isn't worried. They sold the first LUXE-GT on the spot during Monterey Car Week, and immediately started getting deposits for the next builds, which will all be done to customer spec.

And one of the best parts is that going down the road, it just looks like a slightly modified old Bronco. Its sophisticated hardware and software - not to mention its very steep sticker price - take a bit of a low-key approach.