Gun store faces backlash over back-to-school sale sign

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Sunday, August 11, 2019
Katy gun store faces backlash over "Back to school" sale
One ABC13 viewer believes the sign is in bad taste in today's political climate.

KATY, Texas -- A gun store in Texas is facing backlash after what was posted on their marquee sign.

Michelle Simons, a viewer of ABC7's sister station ABC13, sent a photo of Boyert Shooting Center's sign reading "Back to school sale August 13 through 18. Up to 50 percent off firearms."

A gun store in Katy is facing backlash after what was posted on their marquee sign.

Simons and her husband were driving down the road in Katy, Texas, when they passed the gun store and were surprised by its sign.

"It was so jarring like, 'Did I really see that?'" Simons recalled.

Simons' husband is an educator and feels as though guns and schools should not be mixed in with each other.

He says when his school district makes him teach his students about active shooter safety, he feels for them because they shouldn't have to worry about going through that.

"In the current climate and in the current culture where we have school shootings just constantly, mass shootings just constantly, it seems like a real poor choice of words," Simons said.

The couple is now wondering if the sign was intentional or a ploy to cause controversy.

"I hope it was just some kind of glaring oversight. I would rather see any other kind of wording on their board," Simons said. "What does back to school have anything to do with getting guns?"