Here are some reminders on how to keep kids safe this Halloween

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Monday, October 31, 2022
While trick-or-treating, here are tips to keep kids safe
Here are some important safety reminders from the Auto Club as you take kids trick-or-treating this year.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Whether you are trick-or-treating yourself or chaperoning kids, there are always important safety reminders to remember before going out for Halloween this year.

The Auto Club of Southern California held an event for parents and kids in Los Angeles this weekend to hand out not only candy and prizes but some safety reminders as well.

Among the club's tips:

  • Make sure kids have reflective tape on costumes or are otherwise visible to drivers
  • Make sure kids can see safely out and around from the eyeholes in costumes
  • Review pedestrian safety rules with your kids before leaving the house, including reminders about crosswalks and looking both ways
  • If you are driving through neighborhoods where there might be children, proceed slowly and with extra caution
  • Other tips can be found here.

    "For so many families and kids, this is really gonna be their first time to really get out there and trick or treat again since the pandemic began," said the Auto Club's Doug Shupe. "Because of that it is so important that we remind parents and guardians, as well as drivers, about important safety tips when it comes to Halloween."