Halo Top sued for 'knowingly' underfilling pints of low-calorie ice cream

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Thursday, June 28, 2018
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Halo Top, known for its low-calorie ice cream, is being sued for "dramatically" underfilling its pints.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Halo Top has become a staple for people looking to indulge their sweet tooth without worrying about extra calorie intake, but some customers are now feeling sour.

The company is being sued for $5 million by two people in California for "dramatically" underfilling its pints.

The lawsuit alleges the company "knowingly and routinely" underfills its pints of premium-priced ice cream. Similar to its competitors, Halo Top charges a premium for its pints - as much as $6.99 each.

The brand relies on being low-calorie "per pint," generally 280 to 360 calories, but each pint contains a different amount of the treat, according to the complaint.

The company's CEO Justin Woolverton denied under-filling pints, but said product settling can happen during transportation because of heat or altitude changes.

Plaintiff Youssif Kama, a Los Angeles resident, said in the suit that he intends to continue purchasing Halo Top products in the future, but wants to ensure every pint is a full pint.