Principal, loan officer among happiest jobs, salesperson among least happy

Looking for a new career that makes you happy? A newly released list of the "Happiest jobs in America in 2015" might help you with that.

PHOTOS: Most happy jobs in America in 2015

CareerBliss, an online career community all about finding contentment in the workplace, surveyed 25,000 users to determine what careers yield the highest and lowest levels of happiness. It asked users about their level of satisfaction in each of seven categories dealing with both long-term and day-to-day happiness, according to USA Today.

Many of the happiest jobs are in the technology industry. The site also recognized the least happy jobs, according to Forbes. Many of them involve customer service and support.

Here are the ten jobs most likely to send you to work with a smile on your face each day ... and those that users found didn't make them happy.

Happiest jobs:
10. Systems developer
9. Senior software engineer
8. Business development executive
7. Website developer
6. Oracle database administrator
5. Research assistant
4. Automation engineer
3. Loan officer
2. Executive chef
1. School principal

Unhappiest jobs:
10. Customer Service Specialist
9. Truck Driver
8. Technical Support Agent
7. Legal Assistant
6. Research Analyst
5. Clerk
4. Dispatcher
3. Salesperson
2. Merchandiser
1. Security Guard

Did your job make one of the lists? Should it have? Let us know in the comments.
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