First-time parents who had babies during the pandemic now looking forward to the future

The past year has been a struggle for just about everyone in one way or another. For expecting parents getting ready to give birth during the pandemic, life became especially challenging.

In March of last year, couples Jeff and Linsey Moll and Paige and Jonathan Reynoso were preparing to become first time parents.

The excitement and planning came to a crashing halt as the global pandemic began to change the world around them.

"I followed a lot of blogs and stuff and a lot of women were having to give birth just by themselves and I was just like how terrifying that would be," said Paige.

For Linsey, the reality that they wouldn't be able to have family members in the hospital was hard.

Miles Moll was born March 28 and Penny Reynoso on May 1.

For the new parents, it's been a year filled with many special moments and lost ones as well. Both have family and friends that their children have yet to meet.

"As a new parent, you want to be able to hand your newborn child off to your family, like you want that connection (and) that bond," said Jeff Moll. "You want those pictures for your photo albums or your cell phones but we don't have that."

Both sets of grandparents have met their grandchildren, albeit with precautions taken. And while learning to be parents, they have had to worry about the ever present pandemic.

"The concern is a ten. It has to be a ten," said Jeff. "People are dying from this virus."

The virus became a reality for the Reynoso family after contracting COVID-19 following the holidays.

"I had very minimal symptoms like a runny nose and a headache. That's that's it. Actually, my whole family has had it," said Jonathan.

The Molls had a few close calls with people around them who became infected.

They say the upside of the lockdown has been the time they've been able to spend with their son at home.

"I have been blessed to be home with this guy for the last year. It's been awesome to be home, it is going to make it hard to go back out," said Jeff.

As hard as that may be, both families are looking forward to the day when staying at home, lockdowns and quarantines are a thing of the past.

"I can't wait to get back to normal. I think it should get back to normal soon. I can't wait to live our lives and hopefully everybody gets vaccinated that needs to get vaccinated," Jonathan added.

Both families say they are planning to hold small birthday celebrations with immediate family to mark their children's first birthdays.
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