Air conditioning repairman in Inland Empire offers heatwave preparation tips

UPLAND, Calif. (KABC) -- Temperatures are expected to climb well into the triple digits in the Inland Empire this weekend, so working air conditioners are going to be important for area residents.

Ensuring that air conditioning units are well-maintained could go a long way when it comes to staying cool, according to Klaus and Sons Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning.

Routinely replacing filters, cleaning condenser coils and hiring professionals to check capacitors and refrigerant levels are all tasks that should be completed well before a heatwave arrives.

"(People) just take it for granted that they can just go to the thermostat and turn it on and it's going to work," Klaus and Sons repairman Gene Bennett said.

If an air conditioning unit isn't properly functioning, Bennett cautioned, it's best to turn the system off instead of continuing to use it in the hope that it will fix itself.

Running a unit that doesn't seem to be working can cause even more problems, he said.

Homeowners can get a head start on cooling down their homes by keeping windows open overnight and into the morning.
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