Hertz making more electric cars available as rental options

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Friday, July 21, 2023
Hertz ramping up availability of electric cars at its rental locations
Hertz is making more and more electric vehicles available for rental in its nationwide fleet.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- In its famously clever advertising decades ago, their slogan was "Let Hertz put you in the driver's seat."

Today, Hertz would like to put you in the driver's seat...of an electric car.

"Hertz takes enormous pride in having one of the largest fleets of electric cars in North America," said Laura Smith, vice president for global sales at Hertz.

Some 50,000 of them so far, and 3,300 just in the greater Los Angeles area.

As electric cars become more popular in general, it only makes sense to offer them as rentals. A free test drive event at Hertz's sprawling LAX location was open to anyone who might be curious about the driving experience.

For travelers renting at airports and elsewhere, they have EVs from brands you've heard of like Tesla, Chevrolet and Kia, and one you may not have: Polestar...a sort of all-electric offshoot of Volvo. Hertz says rental rates are generally comparable to those of gasoline-powered cars.

And they aren't just putting business and leisure travelers into EVs, but Uber drivers as well. Regina Perkins was checking out a new Kia EV6, though she already drives a Tesla Model 3, leased through Hertz. And her energy costs are way down.

"What I spent on gas in a week in a regular car, I spend that in a month," said Perkins.

Of course if you rent a conventional car, you'll at some point have to put gasoline in it. It's not that different with an electric car, as you'll have to find a charging station.

But Hertz will help you with that. The company's website and their app provide quick tutorials.

"We've covered all bases with information for customers on how to drive the car, how to charge the car, and anything they need to know about the different charging infrastructures," said Laura Smith of Hertz.

Hertz is planning more of these test-drive events in the future, all around the country. Or, if you're traveling anyway and might like to try one, they've got a deal through Labor Day.

"For customers that rent two days, they get a free day," noted Smith.

You just might end up making renting an electric car part of all your travel plans.