Laid-off chef brings Hibachi experience to your home

Elgin, IL -- A chef from Elgin, Illinois is bringing hibachi into homes with his catering company!

From egg sauce to the onion volcano, Mr. Hibachi Express is offering delicious hibachi in the comfort of one's home.

Chef Rick Melendez, owner of Mr. Hibachi Express, started his hibachi catering business in the summer of 2020. He did so after losing his job as head chef at JuRin in South Elgin when COVID-19 restrictions hit.

He said after months of unemployment, he put his chef hat back on and created his own business. Melendez said he saw a restaurant that was going out of business selling a couple of grills and bought four for $100 each. He then added wheels to make them move easily.

"We take the whole hibachi grill experience and take it to your home," said Melendez.

Melendez said his business has been taking off, and has since added four hibachi chefs to his team. Melendez said his team is made up of colleagues from his previous job, who were also let go during the pandemic.

Melendez said he hopes others see his story and continue to push forward during hard times.
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