Woolsey, Hill fires prompt smoke advisory for many parts of Southern California

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Sunday, November 11, 2018
Thick clouds of smoke cover parts of Los Angeles County in a photo captured by AIR7 HD on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2018.
Thick clouds of smoke cover parts of Los Angeles County in a photo captured by AIR7 HD on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2018.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The South Coast Air Quality Management District issued a smoke advisory for many parts the Southland as the Woolsey and Hill fires impacted breathing conditions.

The advisory is in effect until Sunday afternoon, according to the district.

Light onshore winds brought smoke from the fires to the center of the South Coast Air Basin Saturday afternoon. The communities most impacted by that air were in the San Fernando Valley and coastal areas.

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Overnight, strong Santa Ana winds are expected to take smoke from the fires out to sea, but it could take some time for the smoke levels to decrease.

Still, the western parts of the San Fernando Valley and northwest coastal areas in Los Angeles County may experience significant smoke impacts from the fires because of those winds moving through.

Here are the areas that will see unhealthy air quality, listed by county:

  • Los Angeles County: 1 (Central Los Angeles County), 2 (Northwest Coastal LA County), 3 (Southwest Coastal LA County), 4 (South Coastal LA), 5 (Southeast LA County), 6 (West San Fernando Valley), 7 (East San Fernando Valley), 8 (West San Gabriel Valley), 9 (East San Bernardino Valley), 10 (Pomona-Walnut Valley), 11 (South San Gabriel Valley), 12 (South Central Los Angeles County), 13 (Santa Clarita Valley), and 15 (San Gabriel Mountains)
  • Orange County: Areas 16 (Northern Orange County), 17 (Central Orange County), 18 (North Coastal Orange County), 19 (Saddleback Valley), 20 (Central Coastal Orange County), and 21 (Capistrano Valley).
  • Riverside County: Areas 22 (Corona/Norco), 23 (Metropolitan Riverside), 24 (Perris Valley), 25 (Lake Elsinore), 26 (Temecula Valley), 27 (Anza Valley), 28 (Hemet/San Jacinto Valley), and 29 (Banning Pass).
  • San Bernardino County: Areas 32 (Northwest San Bernardino Valley), 33 (Southwest San Bernardino Valley), 34 (Central San Bernardino Valley), 35 (East San Bernardino Valley), 36 (West San Bernardino Mountains), 37 (Central San Bernardino Mountains), and 38 (East San Bernardino Mountains).
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    SCAQMD is providing disposable respirator masks to residents over the weekend for short-term use and they will be available at local community centers.

    The agency cautions residents though that even if you're using a respirator, you need to limit your exposure outside.