Spring-break snowfall keeping IE mountain resorts busy

RUNNING SPRINGS, Calif. (KABC) -- It may be spring break, but plenty of people are ditching the beaches to head for the SoCal mountains as they continue to get fresh snow.

The San Bernardino Mountains saw another 5-6 inches of snow fall earlier this week.

Drivers have been advised that chains are required on mountain roads, and those without them are being turned around before they run into trouble. Drivers are also being cautioned that visibility is reduced on some roads.

This has been the year to have a season pass to ski or board at the ski resorts here. Locals says by now the snow has usually melted at most elevations. But with this year's wet winter, folks could be skiing or snowboarding well into late April or early May.

That's also good news for local businesses, who are glad to welcome customers this late in the season.

"This is like epic snow," said Matt Weiss with Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa. "So I'd definitely take advantage. That's what we're doing right now - going skiing, enjoying the weather."
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