Glendale students protest cancellation of homecoming game

GLENDALE (KABC) -- Students at Hoover High School in Glendale walked out of class Monday morning to protest the cancellation of the school's homecoming football game.

Students marched to the district office to get clear answers on why the game against Glendale high school that had been scheduled for last week was canceled.

"We're basically wanting a full truthful statement from the district basically stating the real reason why they canceled our homecoming game," said senior Britney Morena.

Last week the Glendale Unified School District started notifying parents that the game would not happen because there were rumors about possible disruptive behavior.

A robocall sent out told parents: "We understand that sentiments around this game run deep and while it was our wish that our students were able to finish the season on the field, we will not run the risk of hosting an event with threats of disruption that potentially puts all involved at risk."

Several previous football games had been canceled and football practice was suspended. Many thought it was a result of a massive brawl on campus Oct 3 that involved some football players and may have underscored racial tensions between the athletes and some in the Armenian community.

Glendale Superintendent Winfred Roberson offered a different explanation: "The reason the game was canceled a week ago because there were not enough players to safely play. We learned that perhaps students had boycotted the game."

Parents and students packed a room at the district office to demand answers. They were told it was related to California Interscholastic Federation rules that would be explained at a later date.

The district sent buses to transport students back to school. Some got on, others did not.
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