'He can do this again': SoCal congressman warns of future violence if Trump runs in 2024 and loses

WASHINGTON (KABC) -- During the third day of former President Donald Trump's impeachment trial, House impeachment manager and Southern California Rep. Ted Lieu explained he is not fearful of Trump running in 2024, but he is worried what would happen if he runs again and loses.

"I'm not afraid of Donald Trump running again in four years. I'm afraid he's going to run again and lose. Because he can do this again," Lieu told senators Thursday.

Making the argument that inciting insurrection is an impeachable offense, Democrats spent their final day asking jurors to think about how dangerous it would be if former President Trump ran again and how Jan. 6 could be repeated by Trump or someone else.

"If you read my speech, and many people have done it. It's been analyzed, and people thought that what I said was totally appropriate," said Trump in a clip played from remarks he gave following the Capitol attack.

"Totally appropriate was how he characterized his incitement on Jan. 6. Meaning that given the chance, he would gladly do it again because why would he not engage in totally appropriate conduct?" said House impeachment manager Jamie Raskin.

House managers also attempted to connect the events of Jan. 6 to the thwarted kidnapping of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, the 2017 Unite the Right Rally and the deadly car attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the rise of white supremacy and extremist groups in the United States.

"He could not bring himself to publicly oppose a kidnapping and potential assassination conspiracy plot against a sitting governor of one of our 50 states. Trump knew exactly what he was doing in inciting the Jan. 6 mob. Exactly. He had just seen how easily his words and actions inspired violence in Michigan. He sent a clear message to his supporters. He encouraged planning and conspiracies to take over Capitol buildings and threaten public officials who refuse to bow down to his political will," said Raskin.

Rep. David Cicilline shared stories from Capitol employees, including those in the food service and janitorial staff, forever scarred by that day, and some police officers, suffering wounds from which they will never recover.

"They called law enforcement officers traitors. You have to wonder, who are these rioters sworn to? To whom do they believe the police owe their loyalty? To the people? To the Constitution? Or to Donald Trump?" Ciclline said.

California Sen. Alex Padilla praised the case presented by Democrats.

"This is not about Democrats versus Republicans. Insurrectionists were clear. They were coming after Mike Pence. They were coming after everybody. They were coming after Congress," said Padilla. "Not just one party over the other, so this was an attack on the institution and an attack on our democracy."
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