Inglewood business woman is educating community about cryptocurrency

One Inglewood business woman sets out to teach her community everything there is to know about cryptocurrency.

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Monday, August 31, 2020
Inglewood business teaches community about cryptocurrency
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One Inglewood business woman sets out to teach her community everything there is to know about cryptocurrency.

INGLEWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- You may have heard of cryptocurrency, a form of electronic money. Now one business in Inglewood is setting out with a goal to teach the community everything there is to know on the topic.

Crypto Blockchain Plug in Inglewood opened in 2019 with one goal, to educate. The business offers a class called crypto 101 that teaches the fundamentals of what cryptocurrency - a form of digital currency - is all about.

"We're very happy that we're African American woman owned and we are teaching and educating our community about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology," said Najah Roberts, owner of Crypto Blockchain Plug. "And ensuring that we are not left behind on the educational part in the digital space."

Roberts was born in Inglewood and she says she's seen how her community has changed over the years and wants to use Crypto Blockchain Plug to educate and keep Inglewood innovative.

"My vision is that our community actually understands it before the main street community gets a hold," Roberts said. "Because once it becomes mainstream, then there won't be as much opportunity for us as a people to actually elevate ourselves, elevate our finances elevate the lives of our children, and those sorts of things. So, I want us to be ahead of the curve."

Crypto Blockchain Plug hosts classes, talks, and events and although the pandemic has changed the way this looks, their goal to enrich their community remains the same. Roberts said this is an especially relevant time for cryptocurrency given the current coin shortage.

"Something is happening. There's a wealth transfer," Roberts said. "The digital space is beginning to be born and we've got to know about it. And we've got to get ahead of the curve that's happening."

For more info on Crypto Blockchain Plug, check out their website.

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