Inglewood elementary school's garden gets makeover thanks to nonprofit and local garden business

Kellogg Garden Products and nonprofit Grades of Green partnered together to revitalize the garden at Kelso Elementary School.
INGLEWOOD, Calif. -- There are many benefits to gardening. That's why Kellogg Garden Products teamed up with nonprofit Grades of Green to revamp the garden at Kelso Elementary School in Inglewood.

"Gardening, and especially for kids, is so important because it's really the connecting point between so many environmental issues," said Kathy Kellogg Johnson, chairman of the board for Kellogg Garden Products. "And it is also the connecting point in nutritional issues."

"Our programs really are trying to not just educate the students," said Kim Siehl, executive director of Grades of Green. "But really get them to understand the importance of the environment."

Not only did they provide bags of soil, fertilizer, and a variety of vegetables and herbs, but Kellogg Johnson said she believes in adding life above the soil as well as underneath, which is why they provided earthworms and ladybugs as well.

"It's so productive. They find ladybugs in the garden or they find the worms in the soil," said Kellogg Johnson. "All of this just puts the children in touch with a green space right here on campus, right here in Inglewood."

Kelso Elementary School principal Irene Green adds that providing gardening at school gives students a chance to try things that they might not have the opportunity to try otherwise.

"It's not something that they see all the time, so bringing it into the city of Inglewood is important for our students because it gives them the experience that they would normally wouldn't get inside of Inglewood."

Organizers said they hope to expand programs like this one to other Inglewood schools as well.

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