Brother and sister Inglewood restaurant owners lean on community during pandemic

Inglewood Italian restaurant, Sunday Gravy, leans on community and 50 years of family experience to survive the coronavirus pandemic.
INGLEWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- Sunday Gravy is a small Italian restaurant in Inglewood, but it wasn't always that. In fact, it has a long history. 50 years ago, it used to be Jino's Pizza. The father of current owners Sol and Ghazi Bashirian, opened the original restaurant in 1970.

"It's just something that's always been instilled in us from when we were young. Our dad, super hard worker since he was a little kid," Ghazi Bashirian said. "And, and all through our lives been such an amazing example of focus and dedication."

Although they're no longer serving pizzas, the brother-sister duo said they continue their father's legacy by serving fresh, quality dishes.

"I didn't think people in Inglewood needed to drive out of their community to be able to enjoy fresh pasta," Sol Bashirian said.

Sol and Ghazi both said their community is very important to them, which is why they source their pasta locally in Inglewood at Florentyna's Fresh Pasta Factory. They said they try source locally as much as possible.

"We do the best we can with being as local as possible with our purveyors," Sol Bashirian said. "We love pushing the businesses within this community."

Sunday Gravy opened September of 2019. The Bashirians said they've learned a lot in the past year and were able to rely on the community and their father's experience and knowledge to navigate them through this pandemic.

"There have been so many unexpected events that we've experienced everyone's experience in this whole entire year. But when you really love what you're doing, and you put your heart and soul into it, there's always going to be something good that comes out of it." Ghazi Bashirian said.

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