NBA Finals MVP Andre Iguodala sits down with Jimmy Kimmel

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015
Left: Jimmy Kimmel at the 2015 LA Italia Film Festival opening night Feb. 15, 2015, in Los Angeles. Right: Andre Iguodala after the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Finals.

Andre Iguodala was officially named NBA Finals MVP after his stellar performance helped lead the Golden State Warriors to championship glory in the NBA Finals. Now, the basketball star has opened up on his secret to guarding LeBron James.

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Iguodala spoke Monday on Jimmy Kimmel Live about starting in Game 4 after playing off the bench all season, his teammates' epic partying and how he gets in other players' heads.

His secret weapon is a mental notebook about the tendencies of players he guards, including LeBron, he said. It's mental because he doesn't want anyone to steal it.

"It's like Jay Z, he doesn't write rhymes. He just keeps them in his head. My defensive notebook on all the players, I learned to store them in my head," he said. "I got things that no one would know about certain guys, and I know how to use it against them."

Iguodala says he gets in their head by knowing things about other players' lives.

"I know all the little dirt on the guys," he said, laughing. "Guys get nervous about certain situations because they don't live life right."

It was Iguodala's first interview since the Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 4-2 in the 2015 NBA Finals. He also spoke about the Warriors' parade in Oakland, Calif., as well as the team's private celebration in Las Vegas.

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"That parade, it was kind of like being in a dream," he said. "When it's over, you're like, 'What just happened? Where did we just come from?'"

Iguodala smirked when reflecting on the private Vegas parties, claiming he was more of a chaperone. He said Draymond Green partied hardest, followed closely by Klay Thompson and Marreese Speights.

Finally, Iguodala talked about his son's sweet gesture. On Father's Day, the Finals MVP got a special gift from his son that he shared on Instagram.

This kid is amazing. Although I don't celebrate many holidays, he sculpted this Larry O'Brien Championship trophy back in April in art class. Saved it until Father's Day to give to me. This might be my new favorite trophy. #HappyFathersDay #MyNinja