John Cho stars in 'Don't Make Me Go,' heartfelt father-daughter film about cross-country road trip

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Friday, July 15, 2022
A father and daughter hit the road in new film 'Don't Make Me Go'
The new movie 'Don't Make Me Go' centers around a father-teenage daughter duo who head out on a cross country road trip. There are heartfelt life lessons to be learned... by both of them.

HOLLYWOOD -- The new movie "Don't Make Me Go" centers around a father-teenage daughter duo who head out on a cross-country road trip. There are lessons to be learned -- by both of them.

John Cho stars as a dad doing his best to navigate single fatherhood, while dealing with plenty of dark clouds in his family's life along the way. He hopes a long vacation will help calm the waters with what's happening in their world.

Mia Isaac plays his daughter Wally. It's her first starring role in a film. Cho was impressed with this newcomer from the first time they met; which in these times, meant on Zoom.

"She's both a natural and a really hard worker and someone who came very prepared," said Cho. "So when you have that blend, and someone who's also willing to be open to impulses and then reacting, I don't know, it was just a really magical mix."

Even though her movie dad has quite a track record on film, it was something on YouTube that caught Mia's attention to Cho's talent.

"You know, what I actually watched was a lip sync competition, which was just amazing, I think, peak comedy," laughed Isaac. "But yes, I'm a big John Cho fan here!"

The veteran and the newcomer quickly bonded while making the modern road trip film. And for Cho, he says it gave him pause to remember what is really important in his own life.

"When I finished the film, I looked around and said, 'Oh my goodness, I'm so grateful for who I have and what I have.' But most particularly for who I have in my life and the ability to, while we get time, it's time to get the hugs and kisses," said Cho.

"Don't Make Me Go" will be released on Amazon Prime on July 15.