Compton's East Side Riders Bike Club helps 30 underprivileged kids with back-to-school shopping

Tuesday, August 10, 2021
Compton bike club offer 'extra hand' to underprivileged kids
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Each kid was given $100 to spend at Foot Locker, a grocery store shopping spree, a laptop and a haircut.

COMPTON, Calif. (KABC) -- When John Jones III of the East Side Riders Bike Club was younger, he had quite a few people help put him on the right track.

Those people inspired Jones to give back to his community by picking 30 kids to help with back-to-school shopping.

Each kid received $100 to spend at Foot Locker, a grocery store shopping spree, a laptop and a haircut.

"So all these kids have different stories. Some of these kids, their parents just can't afford a laptop and back-to-school supplies. Some of these kids, they just need an extra hand," said Jones.

Last year, Jones realized he could help kids again this year.

"We could continue to choose 30 kids we will hold and follow throughout the year. At all of our events, we will include those 30 kids at our events for the year until we grab about 30 kids at our next back-to-school event," Jones said.

Sophia Ramos got the VIP treatment at the Compton Foot Locker. She said Zoom sessions were hard without a fully functioning laptop, so she's thrilled to get a new one for the upcoming school year.

"Sometimes it would glitch and I would say is anybody there? I couldn't hear my teacher sometimes, and sometimes my camera wouldn't work so I'd be like, 'Can you see me, or am I gone,'" Ramos said.

Sophia's mother believes the gift came just when her family needed it.

"It's one of those things where you think you are never going to win, and then out of nowhere you just win. It was a blessing in disguise because she needs these items for school," the mother said. "I'm eight months pregnant and I was like yes, thank God. The budget is tight right now. So thankful."

The East Side Riders bike club, which helps prevent Watts youth from joining gangs through fostering a passion for bike riding, has already planned a giveaway like this for next year.