Hands-only CPR kiosk at OC airport could help save lives

Wednesday, December 6, 2017
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Learning CPR just got easier thanks to a training kiosk set up at the John Wayne Airport in Orange County.

SANTA ANA, Calif. (KABC) -- At the John Wayne Airport in Orange County, people are traveling at two speeds. They're either racing to a flight or they're hurrying up to wait for one.

But now, those with time to waste can use it to make a difference.

"If we can save one life with it, we're happy," said donor Julia Argyros, of the Argyros Family Foundation.

In less than five minutes at any of the three free kiosks inside the airport, anyone can learn how to do hands-only CPR.

It's an effective technique that doesn't involve traditional mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and can double a cardiac arrest victim's chance of survival.

The kiosk takes you step-by-step on how to compress the chest on a rubber dummy. It gives you a score at the end of the test and tells you how to improve so that one day you can save someone's life.

Just last year that someone in need was Steven Munatones. He collapsed at home after a massive heart attack, and his son Skyler performed CPR until first responders arrived.

"And when I introduced myself at the fire station, one of them said, 'I remember you.' He said 'dude, you were dead. But it was important because your son saved you,'" Munatones said.

Munatones is a lucky one. According to the American Heart Association, 90 percent of patients who have cardiac arrest outside of a hospital end up dying because survival depends on getting CPR immediately.

"Obviously I benefited from hands-only CPR and anything I can do to spread the word. Nobody should be afraid to do CPR. Don't be afraid. If you see somebody down, call 911 and get on top of their chest and start pushing," Munatones said.

Whether you're flying in or flying out, saving a life just got easier.