Fans flock to 'Joker' stairs in New York City for perfect Instagram picture

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Monday, October 21, 2019
Fans flock to the 'Joker' stairs in the Bronx for perfect Instagram picture
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Naveen Dhaliwal has more from Highbridge.

HIGHBRIDGE, The Bronx -- Not exactly the stairway to heaven, but a set of stairs in the Bronx that plays a crucial role in the new "Joker" movie is getting the social media treatment.

Instagrammers and fans are flocking to the steps to get the perfect photo to show they have seen the film and enjoyed it.

There are no superheroes in the movie, and no ordinary heroes either - just a troubled man, played by Joaquin Phoenix, who has various transformations in life. The popular movie scene was filmed right on the stairs at the corner of Shakespeare and Jerome avenues in Highbridge.

That record-breaking movie is the reason the narrow stairs are now getting some attention, making it the next big tourist attraction, and bringing people from all over New York City to see them.

Many are taking pictures mimicking the famous pose by the Joker as he danced down the stairs, symbolically showing life's turning points as he gets further immersed into crime.