Nurses strike: Kaiser nurses at LAMC hold 24-hour strike protesting alleged nurse shortage, supplies

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Friday, June 24, 2022
Kaiser nurses at LAMC protest allege nurse shortage, supplies
On Thursday, Kaiser Permanente nurses from LA Medical Center held a 24-hour strike outside of the facility protesting against an alleged shortage of nurses and supplies.

EAST HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- On Thursday, Kaiser Permanente nurses at Los Angeles Medical Center in East Hollywood gathered outside for a 24-hour strike protesting a shortage of nurse staffing and supplies, which they said impacts the well-being and care of patients.

"We strike for patient care. If Kaiser staffed us right and gave us all the resources we need to take care of patients, we wouldn't be out here on the street. So we strike for our patients to let Kaiser know to change, to take us seriously over the issues," said Tinny Abogado, a registered nurse at the medical center.

The strike was with the California Nurses Association, according to them, there are major concerns like nurses who work more than 12 hours and they aren't able to take a lunch break because there is no one to relieve them.

"We are very disappointed that the California Nurses Association decided to take our in-patient nurses away from the bedside at this point in time," said William Grice, the senior vice president of Kaiser Permanente LAMC.

Abogado is also a union representative.

"I love to be a nurse that is why I chose to be bedside and the fact that I have done it for over 24 years. I feel disappointed how Kaiser is treating their nurses and their patients," Abogado said.

According to nurses, another one of their concerns is a growing shortage of supplies and personal protective equipment.

Kaiser said that is not true, nurses have all they need that meets the needs of their safety and care needs for patients.

The tipping point that started the strike was because Kaiser and the association have been negotiating for months.

"The solutions will be Kaiser hiring more nurses, improve working conditions, not just recruiting but also retaining quality nurses," Abogado said.

Both parties said they are far from reaching an agreement but hope to find a solution as soon as possible.

"There are a number of issues that they brought to the table, that we have brought to the table. We are bargaining in good faith with them to achieve a resolution that meets the needs of both parties and we are committed to making that happen," Grice said.

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