Karen Bass to declare a state of emergency on LA homelessness on her first day as mayor

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Tuesday, November 22, 2022
Bass to declare a state of emergency on LA homelessness
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L.A. Mayor-elect Karen Bass said she's drafting a plan for her first 100 days, and she'll declare a state of emergency on homelessness on her first day on the job.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Los Angeles Mayor-elect Karen Bass starts the top job at City Hall in three weeks.

She knows Angelenos are expecting results right away and in a one-on-one interview with ABC7, Bass said she'll work extremely hard and not disappoint.

"We are definitely going to identify some of the most challenging encampments and make sure that we can get those people housed," Bass said. "But declaring a state of emergency really allows us to rally, bring together the city agencies and allows us to look at, especially city-owned land and fast track things."

That state of emergency on homelessness will happen on day one and Bass is currently spending her days meeting with current and incoming council members and city officials. She's also drafting a plan for her first 100 days.

"I want to be a mayor for all of Los Angeles, and I do understand the significance of the history. The first woman, the first African-American woman," Bass said. "And I understand that just adds to the responsibility that I will feel to make sure that I work extremely hard and not disappoint people."

On whether she'll extend the contract of LAPD Chief Michel Moore or find someone new to lead the third largest police department in the country, Bass had this to say: "I know that his contract will be up soon, and I would evaluate Chief Moore just like I would evaluate anybody else. But, I'm certainly not prepared to say that I am not supportive of him and would want to see a new police chief."

"When it comes to us moving people out of encampments and into housing, LAPD will be around, but it's not the goal to have them involved directly with the people who are unhoused, moving them away," Bass said.

ABC7 asked Bass about how she'll address Councilmember Kevin de León, who has so far refused to resign.

Bass said that although there's no power to remove a sitting council member, she hopes he'll see he can't wait this out. So far, de León is not one of the council members Bass has met with.