Katherine Heigl, Harry Connick Jr blend drama, psychological thriller in 'Fear of Rain'

Harry Connick Jr. says new movie 'Fear of Rain' with Katherine Heigl entertains, educates
HOLLYWOOD -- Katherine Heigl and Harry Connick Jr. star in the new film, "Fear of Rain." It's both a psychological thriller and a drama that hopes to provide insight into what mental illness can do to a family.

"Fear of Rain" follows a teenage girl who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. She spends her days trying to figure out if the images and voices she experiences are real or all in her mind.

Heigl and Connick co-star as her parents; and think the film is respectful, while humanizing, mental illness.

"I think that so often we don't understand it, or we don't have enough information and it is scary to us, out of fear, and that leads to judgement and unkindness," said Heigl.

"It's complex and sad and intense subject matter but at the same time it makes for a great movie that thrills but also educates," said Connick.

Both actors have maneuvered the past pandemic year by focusing on family... and creativity. Connick recorded a new album that will be out next month: it's called "Alone with my Faith."

"I think people have faith in all kinds of ways, and this album is dedicated to them and how this music helped me get through, and continues to help me get through it," said Connick.

"Alone with my Faith" will be released March 19th. Meanwhile, "Fear of Rain" is available on demand now.
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