Kelly Ripa invites families to face off in a multi-generational quiz show of pop culture trivia

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Friday, June 30, 2023
Kelly Ripa faces 'Generation Gap' with love, laughter
'We've got a lot of twists.' Kelly Ripa returns for a second season as host of the quiz show 'Generation Gap,' which pits different generations of family members against each other in a pop culture face off.

HOLLYWOOD -- Kelly Ripa is back in prime time to begin hosting the second season of the game show, "Generation Gap." And Ripa says things are different this time around.

"We've got a lot of twists. We've added a family so it's now three families competing," said Ripa.

Ripa is excited for what is ahead in this generational challenge... where kids and their grandparents join forces, answer questions, and hope to win big.

"They know a lot about a lot, which is very impressive," said Ripa. "But when they don't know something, they don't know it in the wackiest way possible and it makes for great TV."

This season, Kelly's dad has a bigger role on the show.

"We've decided to move my dad out of his office and into our studio audience. So my dad, Joe Ripa, who was such the breakout star of season one really has more responsibility this year," laughed Ripa.

Last season, a tot in the family decided the winning team's prize. Ripa says they've reimagined that idea for this season. "We realized right away that we couldn't play the same game from last year because what are people going to do? They're going to tell the toddler and their family, 'Pick the car! Pick the car! We'll buy you the toy later!"

While Kelly is now on TV morning and night, she told me she and her husband, Mark Consuelos, are always thinking about what else they can do.

"You know us. We are such worker bees. We are always working," said Ripa. "And you're not wrong. I'll keep you posted on that, too, when I have more to report."

You will see "Generation Gap" Thursday nights on ABC.