Inglewood Senegalese shop is repurposing fabric to make and donate masks

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Friday, April 10, 2020
Inglewood Senegalese shop is repurposing fabric to make and donate masks
Inglewood Senegalese shop, Top Diversified African Fashions, is repurposing their fabrics to make and donate masks to their community.

INGLEWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- One store in Inglewood is changing its production, repurposing its fabrics to make and donate protective wear to the community.

"This pandemic is scary," said Aicha Lo, co-owner of Top Diversified African Fashions. "We knew that we had to come and help make masks and use our own print, our own accessories and stuff to help our community."

"Our goal was to help the community by donating to those who really need it," Aicha Lo continued.

Lo said they have donated masks to the Inglewood Police Department and to the Inglewood Health Care Center.

"You know this is our job, we take this seriously," said Sabrina Russell, a licensed vocational nurse at the Inglewood Health Care Center. "We know what we signed up for when we started, but it is very much appreciated to know that people out there are looking out for us."

The shop stopped selling fabrics to make sure there was enough material to keep making masks. They have already donated about 500 but the store owners said they don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

"My goal is to do millions of masks," co-owner Bass Lo said. "That's my goal, millions of masks. If I had a machine to do that, I would be happy to do that, to help people."

Along with the unique designs, Aicha and Bass Lo said they have consulted a health professional to make sure the masks could provide the best protection.

Nathalie Beasnael, a licensed vocational nurse at the California Surgical Institute advised Bass on different materials to use.

"There's a scientific thought process behind this," Beasnael said. "But overall, I think these masks have been made with a lot of love and tenacity."

Medical professionals receiving the masks said they're grateful.

"We appreciate the masks that you donated because we were in dire need of them at the time and they fashionable and we appreciate it," said Sharolette Simpson, a certified nursing assistant at the Inglewood Health Center.

Top Diversified African Fashions is located at 238 S. Market St. Inglewood, CA 90301. They are closed at this time, but are still taking orders via Facebook and Instagram.

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