Bacon, Seyfried move in haunted house in new thriller 'You Should Have Left'

Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried unknowingly move in a haunted house in the new thriller 'You Should Have Left'.
GLENDALE -- Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried are hoping to scare you with their movie, "You Should Have Left." It's based on a novel about a screenwriter, his actress wife and their young daughter. They head off for a remote vacation in Wales. They just pick the wrong house!

The house, which really exists, is not what you might expect at first glance.

"It was very specific that we wanted it not be a classic horror movie house," said Bacon.

"It doesn't want you in it. And it keeps shape-shifting," said Seyfried. "Yeah, no, no thanks. I do not feel feel welcome! It was a little more comfortable behind-the-scenes but it's bizarre. I've never seen a house like that."

Both stars also say they've never seen a child actress quite like Avery Essex, who plays their daughter, and who gets caught up in the nightmare surrounding this house.

"It was her first movie. So to have a child on a set dealing with this kind of material, you know, the director would say 'Action!' And I sometimes I almost couldn't work with her because I was just stunned at how good she was."

"When she focuses, she focuses in an almost scary way," said Seyfried.

Seyfried's character has a secret that helps drive the plot. But she's not alone.

There's plenty of mystery here. Plus some physical acting for Bacon, whose character finds himself sliding down a flight of stairs.

"It was one of those things where I pitched the idea and, then, you know, the next day after we had shot it multiple times, I was like, 'That was a terrible idea! What was I thinking?" said Bacon.

"You Should Have Left" is rated "R." It's on demand now.
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