Lakewood indoor playground struggling to keep afloat during COVID-19 pandemic

Lakewood business owner struggling to keep his indoor playground up and running during COVID-19
LAKEWOOD (KABC) -- Owner Jonathan Byun and his wife started Kidz Town Indoor Playground in Lakewood three years ago. It became a huge hit with little kids in the area.

But March 16, 2020, Los Angeles County ordered Kidz Town to shut down as part of the county's safer-at-home order.

Unlike restaurants and retail, the indoor playground hasn't been able to reopen in any capacity.

"It is very stressful when every day you're thinking about if the business goes down, then our lives go down as well," said Byun.

In an effort to try to make money for rent and utilities, Byun started selling merchandise. But that provided little relief.

Now he's converted one area into an alternative learning site. Children can study and do homework here. But only a handful of students have signed up.

Rent is $25,000 a month; there is no telling when they can reopen.

"Even if the moratorium ends it's still going to be dreadful to figure out what to do at that point," said Byun.

And his three remaining employees worry the end is near.

"This will be really sad if this place does close. I've been here for three years now. I love the employees, I love all my coworkers, I love the kids that come here," said Alaura Style, Kidz Town Indoor Playground employee.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help the business.
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