LA Metro to resume charging bus fares, launches discount program for low-income riders

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- In November, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced it will resume charging bus fares starting Jan. 10, 2022. But they said the fares are going to be heavily discounted.

"I think it's great because there's a lot of people right now that can't afford transportation because of the pandemic," said Carol Aguinaga, a bus commuter.

According to Metro, their fares will start at half the price:
$3.50 for a day pass
$12.50 for a week pass
$50 for a 30-day pass

"Mobility is a very human need and requirement. With the price of everything increasing ... we have seen recent inflation, the prices of gas, this is a real opportunity to save significantly," said Drew Phillips, deputy executive finance officer with L.A. Metro. "The reality is, in these kinds of times anything helps."

Metro also announced the launch of a new regional transportation assistance program called low-income fare is easy, or LIFE. It's a program to give an additional discount to the soon-to-resume fares for those who need it.

"On our website there is a complete listing of our operators that participate, what the requirements are, as well as the income thresholds," said Phillips.

For those who qualify for LIFE, it will cut the already discounted fares at 50%.

"The pandemic did put a strain on everyone, and since I am a non-driver it's much easier. So, I am excited," said Cynthia Sandoval, a bus commuter.

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