LAPD union wants more time before body-cam footage released

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The labor union for the Los Angeles Police Department remains concerned with the amount of time between a use-of-force incident and when its body-camera footage is released.

Known as the Police Protective League, the union believes that the department's push to release video within 45 days of an incident might be too hasty in some instances.

"It's not an NFL game where there's 100 different camera angles and millions of dollars on the line," Police Protective League Director Steve Gordon said. "It's our members risking their lives and it's one point of view."

"We'd like a complete investigation done before anything is really put out into the public."

Lawmakers in Sacramento are debating proposed legislation requiring law enforcement agencies statewide to release use-of-force video within the 45-day window.

The Police Protective League argues that detectives investigating such cases should have more time to do their job before any video is released.

Outgoing LAPD Chief Charlie Beck believes that body-camera footage is another way for the department to show transparency.

"It gives the public an insight into why the police department does what it has to do," Beck said at a recent news conference.
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