LAX construction prompts lane closures at terminals

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019
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A major facelift is underway at Los Angeles International Airport and some changes may impact travelers.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A major facelift is underway for the Los Angeles International Airport in small increments for now.

Some changes that may impact travelers starting this week include the overnight closure of the ride app pick-up stop E, from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. Monday night only, and the closure of about 150 feet of two drop-off lanes on the departure level between terminals 5 and 6. These lanes will be closed through mid-November.

"We're going to demolish the overhead canopy in preparation for building what is called a terminal vertical core, which will allow our automated people mover system to connect to the terminals from the stations," says Stephanie Sampson with LAX.

Construction crews will build six vertical cores to make way for new people movers at LAX. The work is already underway at Tom Bradley International.

The people movers will transport travelers to and from terminals, and a train will run from end-to-end at LAX, also connecting passengers to terminals and to consolidated rent-a-car facilities, just minutes away.

"If you're coming into L.A., you're a tourist and you're renting your car," Sampson said, "all you would need to do is hop on the people mover train, ride it to our facility, get off and then go to whichever rental car company you're getting your car from. Hop on the freeway and be on your way to explore."

Construction for the people mover system will shift into high gear this fall.

Meantime, travelers are left navigating their way around LAX in the midst of other travel glitches underway this week, including San Francisco International's runway construction, which has affected roughly 30% of flights in and out of SFO, and the British Airways pilot strike, which triggered the cancellations of all British Airways flights.

"It's always been really hard to get into LAX, but I mean with the construction, if it's for the better, we just kind of have to put up with it," said traveler Elicet Vega. "If in the long run it's going to make it easier, then it's worth it."