Lisa Vanderpump talks 'Vanderpump Villa,' writing a book and those 'RHOBH' rumors

Lisa's show 'Vanderpump Villa' is streaming now on Hulu.

ByGina Sirico and George Pennacchio OTRC logo
Thursday, April 25, 2024
Lisa Vanderpump talks 'Vanderpump Villa' and those 'RHOBH' rumors
Lisa Vanderpump tells all about "Vanderpump Villa" and if she's headed back to "RHOBH!"

LOS ANGELES -- Lisa Vanderpump is a VERY busy woman. On top of opening numerous restaurants with more in the works, she is on three different TV shows.

But she took some time to sit down with George Pennacchio to talk about it all, starting with her show, "Vanderpump Villa." It follows the decadence and debauchery in the lives of the staff at Vanderpump's Chateau Rosabelle in France.

"It's one of the kind of fantastic experiences about going to Europe, you just become overwhelmed with the beauty of the cities," Vanderpump said. "Then you put a whole lot of naughtiness right in the middle of the French countryside and poof! There you have it."

"We were actually looking for people who had good personalities,who weren't going to be shy in front of the camera, but we were looking for people who were really good at their jobs," Vanderpump continued. "They all had to be qualified, which they were. Did they choose to always work? Not always."

Lisa recalled her own youth, explaining to George that, for the most part, she was nothing like her Chateau Rosabelle staff!

"I got married (to husband Ken Todd) when I was 21. So I was a little bit wild. We had a house in Ibiza for awhile, so that was a little wild and crazy! But I mean I've been married since I was a kid. So I was kind of more well-behaved than them. But I had a few moments," Vanderpump said with a sly smile.

Will we see her write about these moments in a memoir?

"I've been writing a book for two years, it will probably never come out," Vanderpump revealed.

While we'd love to read that manuscript, Lisa explained why we probably won't.

"I have so many things going on, really. I just opened a new restaurant in Lake Tahoe that we designed, we came up with the concept. So that takes a lot of work. And then I'm opening another restaurant in Las Vegas, Pinky's on the Strip, which will be my third restaurant there. And then, you know, I have three shows!"

Those shows are the aforementioned "Vanderpump Villas," "Vanderpump Rules," which is in its 11th season, and the upcoming "Food Stars With Gordon Ramsay."

Of course, we had to ask about the rumors currently floating around that Vanderpump could make a return to "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Vanderpump shot that down immediately. On top of having no time, Vanderpump revealed, "I don't like them. Let's be honest. I love Garcelle (Beauvais), I think she's amazing. She actually came to the opening of my new restaurant last weekend. But it was a great platform for me to start on. But unless it radically changed, I can't ever see myself going back there, or on one of those trips? No, no no."

Well, that answers that! You can watch Lisa on "Vanderpump Villa," which is streaming now on Hulu.

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