Riverside locals share their go-to places for some serenity

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Wednesday, March 31, 2021
Riverside locals share their go-to places for some serenity
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LIVE LIKE A LOCAL: Riverside locals take us to some of their favorite, serene-filled places to discover, like the historic Mission Inn Hotel & Spa.

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (KABC) -- There's plenty of cool places to explore in the city of Riverside. We caught up with some locals who shared some of their go-to places for relaxation and tranquility.

"I've been living here about 20 years now. The schools, the communities, our family friendships that we've formed is probably my favorite thing about this area," said Heather Serrano, a Riverside resident. "I really like to go to the Fairmount Park. Our family likes to ride bikes."

Fairmount Park has a beautiful lake, areas for bike riding and a playground for children.

"My favorite things in Riverside are the UCR Botanical Gardens. It's open to the public, and they have just different agricultural specimens, a variety of different plants," said Belen Buenrrostro, a Riverside resident. "They also have like little benches where you can relax."

From hiking Mount Rubidoux to discovering street art installations, such as Mariposa Alley behind City Hall, Riverside has something for everyone.

"Another place to check out is the Mission Inn Hotel. There's so much history in there. There's a national landmark; previous presidents have stayed in that hotel," said Mike Federis, a Riverside resident. "It's a great place to check out and just kind of tour the entire Mission Inn, and it's a cool place to check out."

Watch the video to see more places recommended by Riverside residents!