Los Angeles city, county in talks over plan to relocate homeless people living near freeways

Los Angeles city and county officials are in talks on a plan to to pay for emergency housing for thousands of people living near or under freeways.
LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Los Angeles city and county officials are in talks on a plan to pay for the emergency housing of thousands of indigent people living near the freeway system and will discuss their efforts at a hearing Thursday morning.

A federal judge last month appointed a mediator to oversee efforts to resolve the financial issues that have delayed settlement of a lawsuit accusing city and county governments of not doing enough to address the homeless problem in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

The arbitrator has apparently helped officials find a solution to the question of responsibility for costs.

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A judge also ordered authorities to move as many as 7,000 homeless people away from the freeways and ramps because of deadly hazards in the areas.

Court documents suggest attorneys have solved the problem of respective financial responsibilities for costs at shelters or other places of housing.

City News Service contributed this report.
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