LA parking tickets: Resumed enforcement prompts outcry from cited vehicle owners

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Following a relaxation of parking enforcement due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation on Thursday again began issuing tickets for violations that had been overlooked for months.

Some vehicle owners who received citations on the first day of resumed ticketing took to social media to express outrage, exasperation and frustration.

"You got my whole block enraged," Twitter user @bilalelreda wrote, addressing the city of Los Angeles and Mayor Eric Garcetti. "This is a residential area with no parking structures. At least pretend you care."

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An abandoned Range Rover has been parked in a Hancock Park tow-away zone for two and a half months. It's been broken into and is missing its license plates, but the city won't move it. It all has to do with a mountain of red tape due to COVID-19.

Infractions that are now being enforced again include violations of overnight restrictions, peak-hour and anti-gridlock zones, and expired vehicle registrations, according to LADOT. Vehicle impounds have also resumed.

"A parking ticket, when I'm already sad ... just send the parking enforcer inside my house to strange me with piano wire Los Angeles," Alex Hanna tweeted.

The city will not impound a vehicle if someone is living in it, officials said, and LADOT is expected to report to the City Council within the next two months with a plan for the next steps of parking enforcement.

Meanwhile, those with newly issued citations will have to take the consequences

"So bummed for everyone who didn't know LA street sweeping enforcement was starting back up," @hanalyst tweeted on Thursday. "My neighborhood is a parking ticket massacre this morning."
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