Ukrainian organizations in LA join forces to create centralized headquarters to help Ukraine

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Two Ukrainian organizations in Los Angeles have chosen to combine their efforts to best help their countrymen and women back home.

A call to join forces was seen in East Hollywood on Sunday as Ukraine supporters focus their efforts on helping the war-torn country.

"It's important to put the power together, power and the human thoughts, and any financial power, any help, any helps needed. People suffering. Our People," said Andrey Trofimenko.

It was a packed house at the Ukrainian Culture Center as they gathered with "Stand with Ukraine L.A." to talk about creating one centralized headquarters in their mission to make the biggest impact possible. Residents of all nationalities showed up to show their support.

"From the humanitarian side, looking at the people getting killed no matter what nationality you are, you have to support them," said David Aldanalani. "Could be any nationality, I would support them."

There is another massive mission underway at the culture center as volunteers pack thousands of emergency triage kits that will be sent to Ukraine immediately.

The Southern California physician who created the simple, but specific, kits says they are intended to stop the bleeding whether from a gunshot or blast injury. He says the response has been overwhelming.

"I came up with this kit and posted a YouTube video early last week, and kaboom, everybody's rallying, and this showing what Americans do in a time of crisis," said organizer Dr. Dan Olesnicky.

For other ways to support Ukrainian refugees and the ongoing relief efforts, click here.

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