Mariposa County students' weather balloon provides amazing video

FRESNO, Calif. (KABC) -- An eighth grade class from Mariposa County captured some incredible images with a weather balloon this summer.

The students from Woodland Elementary launched the balloon on June 5th, and it rose about 25 miles above the Earth. It recorded video over Yosemite Valley, Bass Lake, and the back country of Inyo County and Yosemite. The video even showed the curve of the Earth from near space.

But what makes the story even more interesting is that the tracker stopped working for seven days. When it finally sent another signal, they learned the balloon landed in the mountains, so they went on a 10-mile hike to 10,000 feet to retrieve it.

Teacher Danielle Grate says the students are resilient, hardworking, positive and an honor to teach.
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