Couple has epic wedding high above at Mt. Everest Base Camp

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Monday, May 15, 2017
Couple has epic wedding high above at Mt. Everest Base Camp
This Sacramento couple picked the ultimate destination for their wedding: Mt. Everest.

Many couples opt to have a destination wedding in warmer locales, but this Sacramento couple decided to try a different plan.

When Ashley Schmieder and James Sissom were looking for wedding ideas they turned to adventure wedding photographer Charleton Churchill.

At first the couple was considering tropical locations, but Churchill brought up the idea of Mt. Everest Base Camp and the rest is history.

The trio trained for a year to prepare for the wedding adventure. They battled temperatures below 5 degrees Fahrenheit and altitude sickness for the groom.

The couple became the first to marry at Mt. Everest Base Camp in a wedding dress and tuxedo, according to the photographer.

"Now saying this was an epic and amazing trip is true, but I would be remiss if I didn't share it came with some suffering, doubt, fear, anxiety, and physical pain," said Churchill. "Often times when striving for something great, there's usually a cost. There's no glory without suffering."