Family of missing man Matthew Weaver asking for public's help finding him

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Friday, January 11, 2019
Family of missing man Matthew Weaver asks for public's help
The family of Matthew Weaver, who went missing in August in the Malibu area, is asking for the public's help finding their loved one.

MALIBU, Calif. (KABC) -- Matthew Weaver's family is looking for a miracle and they're asking the public for help.

Weaver went missing last August. His car was found abandoned about a mile and a half off Saddle Peak Road above Malibu but he was never found.

Now, Matthew's family has released almost 800 aerial photographs taken by a drone high above the Santa Monica Mountain wilderness area.

They are high-resolution images tied to GPS locations and his family is hoping someone out there can spot something that will lead to Matthew's location.

They're offering a $50,000 reward to information leading to his whereabouts.

While those that love him are preparing for the worst, they are hoping for the best.

"I have hope that he's not here and we're just wasting our time out here," Matthew's sister Colleen Weaver-Ferrall said. "I really honestly hope so. But if his body is out there, those aerial photos will help someone be able to just find him."

"We're asking anybody and everybody," said Matthew's uncle, James Weaver. "The police have been wonderful, search and rescue, they have done everything. Problem is we don't have any new leads or new information. So we're grasping at anything."

If you'd like to take a look at the 797 photos, they are all posted here.