Cancer survivor returns to hospital 10 years later as nurse at MD Anderson

HOUSTON, Texas -- Caitlyn Mortus was diagnosed with cancer when she was just 13. Her family had a lot of questions, but Caitlyn got answers and inspiration when she started chemotherapy at MD Anderson's Children's Cancer Hospital in Houston, Texas.

After five rounds of chemo, Mortus beat the illness and left MD Anderson with the dream to become a nurse and help young patients like herself.

Now 10 years later, Mortus is working at MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital as a pediatric oncology nurse.

She knows how difficult it can be for a child to battle cancer and does everything she can to make the patients comfortable and happy.

Mortus' work also extends outside of the patient rooms. She started an organization called Keep Kids Connected to give computers to patients so they can stay in touch with friends and family as they go through their treatments.